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Worldwide eSIM data service.

How it works

How does Saily work?

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Choose a data plan for your trip

Select your destination and pick your data plan.


Download the app and set up your eSIM

Follow the steps in the app to set up the eSIM on your device.


Activate your plan before the trip

Remember to do this before you take off — you’ll need an internet connection.

Why Saily?

Stay connected wherever you go


Find a data plan that works for your budget.

Easy to use

Just get the app and buy a data plan. Easy!

Avoid roaming charges

Sneaky roaming fees are a thing of the past.


Connect in a few taps

Saily is a hassle-free solution — just get your data plan and activate it before your trip. When you get to your destination, you can go online right away.

man grass lay activate esim plan


Avoid waiting in line

Getting a local SIM card at an airport or train station can be a real hassle. With eSIM, you avoid long queues and street peddlers selling you cards that might not even work.

airport bench select plan


Stay safe online

When abroad, sometimes your only internet option is a slow Wi-Fi network in a shady coffee shop. With a data plan, you’ll always have a secure and reliable connection.

woman phone activation complete

Download the Saily app

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